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Before I started Hatha Yoga with Dina I had chronic neck pain and migraines due to a pinched nerve in my neck. With her guidance and suggestions for specific poses I have been able to strengthen the muscles in my neck and can honestly say the occurrences of both have become almost nonexistent. Dina is a wonderful and insightful Yoga instructor, her compassionate nature and dedication to her profession and beliefs is unsurpassed. Dina, you are truly the most amazing yoga teacher and I thank you for your patience and guidance in this practice. Your knowledge and dedication is outstanding. I cannot begin to describe how much you have helped me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

K. Kallergis, Hamilton, ON

I have been taking yoga at the MS chapter in Hamilton for about seven months with Dina our instructor. Dina is directive, patient, and helpful to each of us. She is and always has been professional, cheerful, and fun. She is caring and gives advice on what we need to be doing to help us in our journey at improving our balance, stamina, and overall health. I started doing yoga for the exercise benefits but soon discovered it was improving my mood, well being, and helping me sleep better. This is all thanks to Dina. Dina has also taught me how to tune out all other distractions which has always been a problem for me. I feel balanced and happy with my improvements thanks to Dina.

Annie, Hamilton, ON

Dina is motivational, supportive, and very patient. I came to her yoga program to learn relaxation techniques and improve flexibility. I got it!

Linda, Edmonton, Alberta

Breathe, soften, relax, take time for yourself, and nurture your body and spirit. This is what Dina has taught me. She is a phenomenal yoga teacher and person. I am a better person from having been in her yoga classes. Thank you Dina.

Kerry, Edmonton, Alberta

After many years of wanting to try yoga I decided to join Dina’s classes and I really enjoyed them. Her knowledge on yoga  and her programs are great. My breathing, balance, coordination, and relaxation are so much better after being in her classes. Throughout our yoga sessions with Dina we felt her passion for yoga and her love and caring for her students.

Shirley, Edmonton, Alberta

The relaxation and breathing techniques that Dina teaches in her yoga classes were so helpful throughout my surgery and recuperation. Thank you so much Dina.

Trish, Edmonton, Alberta

Dina is a self-motivated individual who cares about the well being of her students. Her professionalism, excellent client relationship skills, and caring attitude has received a very high rating from all those who attend her yoga program.”

P. Duquette, Supervisor of Fitness and Health,
Meadowvale Community Centre, Mississauga, Ontario

As a yoga teacher, Dina is devoted to her profession and her students. She ensures students are comfortable and achieve their own personal goals at their own pace. She is a positive asset to any company interested in creating healthy choices in the workplace.

M. Rodrigues, Director of A Space to Heal Wellness Centre;
Healing Arts & Education, Mississauga, Ontario

Dina Pereira is very knowledgeable in the area of stress management. Her presentation style is natural and relaxed and she allows for and encourages lots of participant interaction.

Laurie, Supervisor,
Grierson Centre, Edmonton, Alberta

Dina Pereira is very knowledgeable in the area of breath work, relaxation, and meditation techniques. She gives you hands-on tools that you can incorporate into your daily life. She is attentive, supportive, warm, and calm which makes it easy for participants to follow her presentation and helps participants become relaxed.

Norman, Supervisor,
Grierson Centre, Edmonton, Alberta

Dina is a very skilled Yoga Instructor and she has assisted many persons affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) to become both physically and mentally stronger, more flexible, better coordinated and to overcome other physical challenges that they face as a result of their disability. Feedback from Dina’s yoga group has been that not only have the participants learned about yoga, but that their entire quality of life has been affected positively as a result of attending the class and interacting with Dina. Dina is a soft spoken, caring, and positive individual that is able to work with many different personalities successfully.

S. Rattray, Director of Client Services,
MS Society of Canada, Edmonton Chapter, Edmonton, Alberta

Dina has taught beginner, intermediate, and special needs yoga classes for our Centre. She is devoted to her profession and her students in making them comfortable, yet at the same time guiding them through the different aspects of yoga. Dina is able to balance the needs of her students across a wide range of abilities. Her pleasant and engaging demeanour is constantly encouraging students to improve their yoga practice without allowing self-criticism. Dina also ensures that she has the extra time for new students while maintaining contact with the regular ones. Dina takes initiatives to ensure her participants walk away with a positive experience and love of yoga. She is well liked and respected by her students and staff.

B. Cormier, Programs Coordinator,
Northgate Recreation Centre, Edmonton, Alberta



“All great achievements require time.”
Maya Angelou

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