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What To Expect In Each Regular Yoga Class

DSC_8265-22- yoga studio om stained glass_398x600When you arrive at Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services, you will be invited to borrow any equipment you may need and to find a spot in the room to lie down and relax.

Each Hatha, Kripalu, and Gentle Hatha yoga class usually begins with a centering exercise of a guided relaxation while you are lying in svasana (a simple resting pose) or sitting. This allows you to take time to settle into your space, relax the body, quiet the mind, and connect with your breath.

As the centering comes to a close, you are guided into a series of warm-up stretches that will help warm muscles and joints to safely and effectively move into practicing yoga poses (asanas). These stretches will help you feel what is happening in your body and will bring awareness to how to energize and mobilize your body.

Once you have stretched, you will be moving into the asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath work) practice. Pranayama is integrated with the asanas which energizes and cleanses the body and helps to develop strength, flexibility and teach alignment to improve posture and free the spine to its natural state.

At the end of the asana and pranayama practice there are cooling down stretches to further improve flexibility and create space for more breath.

At the end of the class, there is a second deep relaxation in svasana to deeply rest and withdraw from the senses by focusing on the breath, releasing tension, and integrating the physical experiences introduced throughout the class. This deep relaxation allows you to close your yoga practice and gently transition to the external activities feeling refreshed and relaxed.

The classes at Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services are developed for you to explore and discover yoga at your own pace. Students are challenged and supported with their yoga practice while their individual limitations are respected and taken into consideration. Classes are geared to individual needs and poses are adapted to suit individual needs.

For details on each class please click on class descriptions.

At Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services we are open to questions, comments, and requests from students both during and after class. We also welcome your input and feedback. Please e-mail us at info@breathingspaceyoga.ca with any suggestions you may have for classes and/or workshops. We value your suggestions.


“All great achievements require time.”
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