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E-mail:  info@breathingspaceyoga.ca
Phone: 289-680-9642(YOGA)
541 Main Street East, First Floor
Hamilton, ON
L8M 1H9

Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services is located between Wentworth Street S and Sanford Avenue S on the north side of Main Street St East beside the Culantro Peruvian Restaurant. Please view map. Please come into the building through the front door entrance on Main Street East.

There are three parking spots in the back of the studio. To access the parking lot at the back of the studio, turn left onto Sanford Avenue S and turn left again onto the laneway. Drive down the laneway until you get to the lot surrounded by cedar trees with a brown wooden fence at the back of the property beside the restaurant. You can also park for free on Sanford Avenue S which is a two minute walk to the studio, or on the parking lot of the strip mall at the north-east corner of Sanford Avenue S and Main Street East. As well, if you are attending classes after 6pm, you can park behind the mosque or the Salvation Army. To access the parking lot for the mosque or the Salvation Army, turn onto the same laneway. The mosque is located next to the studio on the left hand side. The Salvation Army is located next to the restaurant on the right hand side. If you park behind the studio off of the laneway, come into the studio by going through the wooden gate in the back of the property and then follow the walkway through the backyard that leads you to another wooden gate that leads you to the front of the building.

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