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The Wellness Services Health Assessment Form will be provided by the Practitioner on your first visit. This Form must be filled out with the Practitioner on your first visit for a Reiki or Acupressure Massage session.

Thank you.

Click here to download Wellness Services Health Assessment Form



Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services is doing its part to minimize the potential spread and practice physical distancing that is recommended by the Canadian health officials. We are taking COVID-19 seriously and we appreciate you respecting our protocols to keep everyone healthy and safe during this challenging time.

Since Hamilton is now at stage 2 of reopening services, we will be able to provide Acupressure Massage and Reflexology sessions.

Under the Ministry of Health’s guidelines, we need to screen and keep a record of all clients as a precaution for the Covid-19 track record. We thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your support with this process.

If you would like to book an acupressure massage or reflexology session, please call us at 289-680-9642 or e-mail us at info@breathingspaceyoga.ca and we will e-mail you the COVID19 SCREENING FORM to be filled out. Once you have filled out this Form and sent it back to us, we will schedule a time and date for a session with you. Thank you kindly. Please do not show up at the studio without having a scheduled time and date for you to come to your session.

Client Protocols:

  • Must fill out the COVID19 SCREENING FORM e-mailed to you and send the filled out Form to Breathing Space Yoga & Wellness Services prior to scheduling a session.
  • If immediately before the session, either the client or the Practitioner are experiencing covid-19 symptoms, the session must not be provided
  • Client must wash their hands upon arrival and at the end of the session. Follow the guidelines posted on the bathroom wall for hand washing.
  • Client must sign the waiver provided at the entrance.
  • Clients should wear a well-fitted mask that covers their nose and mouth and ensure they take their masks to be disposed of when leaving the studio.

Studio/Wellness Services Protocols:


  • Ensure client signs waiver at the entrance of the studio to ensure anyone with symptoms does not enter the premises. A client can be refused a session if they show symptoms of possible covid-19.
  • Practitioners will be wearing a mask and/or face shield.
  • Practitioners must wash their hands before and at the end of the session to maintain proper hand hygiene.
  • Clients will be scheduled at least 45 minutes apart to ensure time for proper cleaning and disinfecting.
  • All surfaces will be disinfected between clients (doorknobs, chairs, table, head rest, lotion/oil bottles, faucets, pens, clipboards, light switches, bathroom).
  • All linens, blankets, and pillows will be changed between clients

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